New version v3.6 – Not available to download

NIACtool is an information collector to Nutanix Cluster (AHV/ESXi(only on niactool v2.7) developed in Python. NIACtool uses the API provided by Nutanix for the creation of a document that displays all the elements that make up the Nutanix HCI solution. It currently supports Nutanix with AHV and VMware hypervisor. By using AHV it´s possible to get more information from the platform. The result is a document in Excel format with all the necessary information.

Thanks to all, there are already more than 2000 downloads, given the circumstances in the world I have not been able to work and update the tool.

Information collected by NIACtool

  • Nutanix Sumary Cluster.
  • Virtual Machine (VM) List.
  • VM Disk Info.
  • VM Networks.
  • Storage Container.
  • Hardware Specification.
  • Volume Groups .
  • VMs Category.
  • CDP uplink INFO.
  • IPAM resume.
  • LCM – Firmware & software report.
  • Hosts vCPU/pCPU ratio.
  • Cluster vCPU/pCPU ratio.
  • VM Last update time.
  • N°of time VM edited.
  • VM project.
  • VM protection.
  • VM boot order.
  • Virtual Disk Info.
  • Prism Element Image.
  • Prism Central Image.
  • Disk Hardware.
  • Storage Pool.
  • Protection Domain.
  • Snapshot on Protection Domain.
  • VMs performances.
  • Hosts performances.
  • Cluster performance.
  • Cluster resources analysis.
  • VM owner.
  • VM creation time.
  • DMIDECODE INFO (Memory).
  • VM vNUMA.
  • NGT.
  • VM description.

How to use (GUI / CLI)

How it works?

NIACtool connects to the Nutanix API and gets the necessary information for the creation of the final report. Every Administrator User can acquire this data easily, NIACtool automates this ordered work the information clearly.


  • Install NIACtool or download portable edition (Windows).
  • Windows 7 or newest / Linux Debian (Beta).
  • Have an Administrator account in Prism Element (PE).
  • Have an Administrator account in Prism Central (PC).
  • Have connection to PE and PC through ports 9440 and 443.