My name is David Lira. I´m from Santiago, Chile. I´ve been working in the IT world for 10 years. On that time, I worked as a PSE in the company NetApp (Storage) where I gained solid knowledge in different IT environments. In recent years, I was able to work with other brands such as EMC, PureStorage, IBM, ETC. During 2018, I felt the need to learn about programming language and I choose Python. That´s because the recommendations and advice from a great co-worker “Kurt Rottmann“. Thank you Kurt.

In my opinion, Virtualization is the most attractive part of IT. I currently have several certifications, but regarding virtualization, I´ve VMware VCP and Nutanix NCP where I carry out multiple projects in the company where I work. I´ve been working with Nutanix equipment for 2 years, due to the HCI Nutanix exploration I saw the chance to quickly obtain the information of the Nutanix clusters that I installed in different clients. So, in early 2019, a small scritp was born (designed in Python by me) to shyly collect specific information from Nutanix API. It grew over time and that’s how NIACtool began.