1) Run NIACtool as Administrator (Portable or installed version):

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NOTE:It´s necessary for NIACtool to save the file and generate the log file.

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2) If your cluster uses VMware Hypervisor, press the button (ESXi). If it doesn´t leave it blank (by default it is AHV).

3) Cluster Administrator Credentials are required. It can be a local or domain user with an Administrator Role inside Nutanix Cluster.

4) If you want information on Central Prism you can activate in options (Prism Central Info) and enable. The Prism Central to be consulted must be registered with the Prism element placed in point 3. Prism Central info is only compatible at the moment with AHV.
An Administrator or Domain User with an Administrator Role must be placed within Prism Central.


  • Save as, where is file saved.
  • Open file after run. Open the file at the end of the job.
  • Open/Close windows log, Inline log from NIACtool


All reports created by CLI will be saved on ” C: \ Program Files (x86) \ dlisoft \ NIACtool \ report”


  • -hv : AHV or ESXi.
  • -ip : Prism Element IP.
  • -un : Prism Element username.
  • -pw : Prism Element password.
  • -pc : Prism Central Info , “y” or “n”.
  • -pi : Prism Central IP.
  • -pu : Prism Central User.
  • -pp : Prism Central Password.

CLI Example’s:

AHV with Prism Central Info (recommended):

NIACtool_v2.7.exe -hv AHV -ip -un admin -pw password -pc y -pi -pu admin -pp password

AHV without Prism Central Info (Less info):

NIACtool_v2.7.exe -hv AHV -ip -un admin -pw password -pc n


NIACtool_v2.7.exe -hv ESXi -ip -un admin -pw password

Example running: